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Working with and Developing School-level Leadership Teams

We have worked with a variety of school-level leadership teams across the US to: a) cultivate and support their ability to use and lead cycles of inquiry for continuous improvement, b) develop or utilize appropriate data systems to support continuous improvement, and c) diagnose and strengthen their schools’ distributed leadership and teacher learning organizations. Our impact-oriented learning designs identify what will be impacted and data are collected to consider progress and, as necessary, adjust learning designs.

Key District-level Projects


Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Network 10 School Leadership Teams. We designed and delivered a multi-year professional development experience to three CPS Network 10 schools supporting their use of cycles of inquiry and their ability to develop the kinds of leadership and organizational capacities necessary for improving mathematics instruction and student learning. Read about this project and the impact of this project.


This needs to be made into an IMPACT story. Researchers at UIC completed analysis of standardized student assessments for the 3 project schools. The analysis uses normalized, State of Illinois distributions to create a common yardstick for comparing 2013 ISAT and 2016 PARCC results in all three elementary schools for grades 3-5 (tested grades).


Aggregate and Individual School Mathematic Student Achievement Results 2013-2016 Across 3 Project Schools.

    •  Notable math gains occurred in all three schools between 2013 and 2016 (most recent standardized test results) in grades 3-5 (tested PK-5 grades)
    • 8 of the 9 tested grade levels  (3, 4, 5) in these three schools made notable gains in mathematics student achievement from 2013 to 2016; and these achievement gains were demonstrated in all or nearly all of the five distribution/achievement bands for each grade level resulting in moving kids from a lower achievement band to a higher achievement band)


Analysis of the Quality of Math Instruction and Professional Development. Researchers at UIC also analyzed Chicago Consortium on School Research (CCSR) 5 Essentials Survey Data in each of these schools to track each of these school’s progress on indicators that relate to the quality of math instruction and professional development.


Aggregate and Individual School Changes to Math Instruction and Professional Development 2013-2016/2017 Across 3 Project Schools.

    • Meaningful gains were evidenced in 5/6 of the ratings that related to the quality of math instruction and the quality of professional development evidenced through 5 Essentials Survey Results across the 3 schools from 2013 to 2016/2017


Evanston-Skokie District 65 School Leadership Teams. We designed and delivered multi-year professional development for all school leadership teams in Evanston-Skokie District 65.