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Continuous Improvement / Organizational Development Projects

Our Approach

Our continuous improvement/organizational development work is designed to help various kinds of educational organizations (both K-12 and higher education) learn how to strengthen their continuous improvement processes.  In this work we help organizations learn how to use/lead cycles of inquiry to find and solve root cause problems within their organizations. This work begins with the development of an “impact logic” that helps organizations: a) clarify the proximal and distal impacts that they seek from their work, and b) design and utilize the kinds of data systems for tracking proximal and distal outcomes. We have been selected by The Wallace Foundation to support and provide mentor support for the continuous improvement work of both school districts and university-based leadership preparation programs as part of the foundation’s UPPI project (2016 to 2021) and ECPI project (2021 to 2026). In our higher education work, we also focus attention on developing organizations to diagnose and strengthen their cultures and infrastructure (structures, tools, routines) in ways that support continuous improvement work. In our Pk-12 work, we further expand our attention to developing organizations to diagnose and strengthen a school’s distributed leadership capacity and teacher learning organization as two key resources that support continuous improvement.

Higher Education

We support the continuous improvement of educational leadership preparation programs within higher education institutions. One of our primary clients is UIC’s Ed.D program in Urban Education Leadership. Through ongoing collaboration with this program we have incubated more advanced continuous program improvement work that we have ported to other work through the US and world.

In addition to our work with UIC’s Ed.D. program, we work with both individual and groups of university-based leadership preparation programs through:


We support continuous improvement of teacher education programs within higher education institutions.


We support continuous improvement of PK-12 educational organizations as well as organizations that support neighborhood communities/schools/students. This work has been done through the design and provision of various learning designs (e.g. in person and remote virtual professional development) and the facilitation of various networked learning communities. This work has supported district level leaders and leadership teams, school level leaders and leadership teams, and leadership coaches tasked with supporting leader development.