Mentoring University-based Leadership Preparation Programs in the Wallace Foundation’s UPPI Project

In collaboration with UIC’s Ed.D. program, the CUEL is one of just  three university-based institutions selected to serve as an Exemplary Principal Preparation Program Partner as a part of the Wallace Foundation’s $47 million multi-year initiative, University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI). In this work we provide partner program support directly to two universities (University of Connecticut and Western Kentucky University) that are learning about and engaging in continuous program improvement. Through networked learning community events we also provide supports to five additional university-based programs. Our work helps program learn about and lead processes of continuous improvement. As programs are improving we have offered an assortment of additional supports for: a) improving program scope/sequence/coherence/alignment to leadership standards/attention to issues of equity and social justice, b) designing active learning experiences, c) designing authentic assessments and work tasks, d) improving the clinical experience, e) designing and enacting leadership coaching, f) designing and utilizing data systems for ongoing program improvement, and g) strengthening district partnerships. Read the RAND report of findings related to the first year of this project. Listen to the following podcast about the findings related to the first year of this project.