Examining National School Leader Development Contexts and Programs/Approaches in the Global East and South

Funded by the Qatar Foundation and beginning Spring 2019, Cosner is leading an international research team that is examining national school leader development contexts and programs/approaches in five developing countries in the Global East and South: India, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, & Lebanon. The goal of this research is to learn about these educational contexts and existing development programs, broadly publish research findings, and draw on findings to make and disseminate recommendations that will inform international leadership development investments and policies. 
Work on this project began near the start of 2019 as members of this international research project convened in Paris in February 2019 to plan for this study. 

Following this planning session, Cosner traveled to Mumbai India for 5 days in August 2020 to lead data collection in India.

Following data collection and analysis, preliminary findings from this work have been presented to international audiences in both Doha, Qatar, in November 2019, and Marrakech, Morocco, in January 2020.