During 2023-2024 CUEL began to collaborate with 5 other organizations throughout the US to launch a 15M technical assistance center called Lead IDEA. This center works with leaders to improve systems serving children with disabilities and their families through effective implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The CUEL team shared knowledge development work that it has completed in relation to the creation of a set of leadership competencies that will inform technical assistance learning materials that are deployed through the center. CUEL Research Director, Sam Whalen, CUEL Faculty Affiliate Marie Tejeros Hughes, and CUEL Director, Shelby Cosner participated in this meeting. Mary Nyaema, CUEL Visiting Research Specialist also contributed to this work. Other members of our team who have made key contributions to this stream of work include; Dia Jackson and Danielle Shaw Attaway from the American Institute for Research (AIR), David DeMatthews from the University of Texas Austin, and Mary Lynn Boscardin from the UMass Amherst. David Bateman from the American Institute for Research (AIR) has been a key thought partner to our team.