CUEL staff and contributors are well represented this year on the program of the 37th Annual Convention of the University Council for Educational Administration (UC66-18EA) in Minneapolis, November 16 – 18. This year’s convention theme is “A Call to Action: Imagining a Hard Reset in Educational Leadership.” In addition to her work on the UCEA Executive Committee, CUEL Executive Director Shelby Cosner will present two papers with CUEL colleagues. These include “An Integrative Literature Review on the Role of People in Advancing Equity-Oriented School Leadership Preparation,” co-authored with CUEL colleagues Meagan Richard and Lionel Allen (see convention program, p. 91), and a recent study of “District Leaders as Brokers or Barriers to Scaling Up K-12 Continuous Improvement Communities,” co-authored with CUEL contributor Craig De Voto and Kathleen Pitvorec of UIC’s Learning Science Research Institute (see convention program, p. 116). Other CUEL contributors taking active roles in the convention program include CUEL Founding Director Steven Tozer and Jason Salisbury. Access the 2023 UCEA Convention Program here.