El Colegio Cambridge in Monterrey, Mexico recently announced the appointment of CUEL Contributor and Leadership Coach Dr. Ernesto Matias as Director de Innovacion Educativa y Mejora Continua (Educational Innovation and Continuous Improvement). According to its on-line mission statement, El Colegio Cambridge is a Pre-K through 9 private academy “…committed to excellence in the development of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values, which become competencies for the lives of our students; through responsible and critical thinking, with active, innovative and comprehensive teaching, creating a collaborative work alliance between teachers, parents and students, promoting ethical and global awareness,” all undertaken in a bilingual (Spanish and English) learning environment. Dr. Matias’ new role will involve him in developing routines of continuous learning and improvement across all areas of the bilingual curriculum. For this he is well prepared. In addition to being a fluent Spanish speaker, he has served in a diverse range of roles at every level of Illinois’ educational system, including as teacher, AP & principal, CPS Chief of Schools, Chief Officer of Language and Cultural Education, and most recently, Chief Education Officer of the Illinois State Board of Education. Dr. Matias, a graduate of UIC’s doctoral program in urban education leadership, will take up his new duties at Colegio Cambridge in winter 2024.