UIC CUEL was well represented at the 36th Annual Convention of the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) held in Seattle, Washington from November 17-20.  CUEL staff and affiliates participated in multiple convention offerings to support and extend the convention’s theme – “Working For/With Equity and Leadership Toward Sustainability.” Dr. Shelby Cosner, CUEL Executive Director, was re-elected to another three-year term on the UCEA Executive Committee.  Congratulations, Shelby! 

Paper Session presentations included: Preparation for Equity-Oriented Leadership: A Review of the Research (Meagan Richard, Shelby Cosner, and Lionel Allen); Supporting Educational Leadership Program Improvement: A Deeper Examination of the Design of Data Systems (Shelby Cosner and Samuel Whalen); The Crisis You Can’t Plan for: K-12 Leader Responses and Organizational Preparedness During COVID-19 (Craig De Voto and Benjamin Superfine); and Racial-Historical Contexts of District Equity Leadership (Decoteau J. Irby, et al.).

Participants and facilitators for Critical Conversations sessions included: Healing and Learning: How Leader Preparation Programs Develop and Sustain Equity-Centered Leaders in the COVID Era (Shelby Cosner); Critical Conversation: Leading for Racial Justice Through Cross-Racial Collaborations (Decoteau Irby and Jason Salisbury); Working with Youth of Color as Educational Leaders and Policy Actors (Jason Salisbury); and Preparing Race-Conscious, Equity-Focused School Leaders (Steven Tozer).  CUEL people also facilitated unique sessions such as Leadership Love Letters: An Invitation to Participate in Restorative Research (Decoteau Irby); Equity, Backlash, & the Road Ahead: Staying the Course of K-12 District Equity Leadership (Decoteau Irby); and Learning and Teaching in the Educational Leadership Executive Committee SIG Meeting (Shelby Cosner); and UCEA Arts Salon (Decoteau Irby).