CUEL Director Shelby Cosner is taking a lead role with the design of a multi-year, multifaceted school leader development program that is currently having broad impact in the state of Illinois through two federally funded projects (16M SEED and EIR). Both projects were initially conceptualized and are being delivered by Illinois State University, in collaboration with four Regional Educational Offices in Illinois. Taken collectively these two projects provide a multifaceted program of development and support to roughly 150 school principals in urban, rural and suburban settings throughout the state of Illinois.  The purpose of these two multi-year projects, TEAM Lead and Partners to Lead, is to increase principal effectiveness in areas that lead to increases in student achievement with particular attention to helping principals use and lead cycles of inquiry to support school-wide problem finding and solving.  In this work, Cosner has been the lead designer of a multi-year large group development experience for principals. She has also provided development to: a) trainers who deliver large group development in the four regional areas, b) a state-wide cadre of leadership coaches, all retired school and/or district leaders, who work individually with each of the 150 principals, c) and district-level leaders who are currently working directly with these 150 principals. Given the importance of this work, it is being studied for its impact by the American Institutes for Research (AIR). You can read more about this project at the following website: