On September 26th, CUEL Director Shelby Cosner gave a talk to the Texas Principal Preparation Improvement Network (PIN), a state-wide network of principal preparation programs that are engaged in wide-ranging program improvement work with support from the Educational Development Center (EDC). Participating preparation programs have used the EDC’s Quality Measures to self-assess the nature and quality of their principal preparation programs along six critical program dimensions. One of these program dimensions–the program’s performance assessments–received focal attention in Dr. Cosner’s talk. She first shared insights related to the identification of performance assessments in both the academic and the clinical elements of the leadership preparation experience, and then shared examples of two tools that could be used to support course-embedded and clinically enacted performance assessments. This talk was part of a longer association of Dr. Cosner with EDC that has focused on the on-going development of Quality Measures as a vital tool for improving principal preparation programs both in Texas and nationally.