The Qatar Foundation’s World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) recently published its third report in a series devoted to exploring the applications of leadership development to a global agenda for educational transformation. Drawing particularly on the membership of its global ALL IN Network, the first two reports in WISE’s “Education Reimagined” series surveyed challenges to leadership development, particularly in the Global South, and outlined a “comprehensive transformation agenda” for closing gaps in educational equity that leverages leadership development across all constituent groups within the educational ecosystem. The third report emphasizes how the constraints posed by traditional hierarchical power structures can be shifted through collaborative networking of educational leaders across constituent groups. It continues the series’ reliance on extensive case studies and cross-case analysis to illustrate concretely the range of collaborative networking structures under development in several geographic and political contexts. Three working groups from the ALL IN Network coordinated cases across Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and South Asia to explore three broad themes. CUEL Director Shelby Cosner served as co-leader to one of the three working groups and supported the examination of leadership development programs across the set of African nations selected for consideration. Access all three reports in the “Education Reimagined” series here.