Laquita Louie and Paul Zavitkovsky (CUEL Affiliates) spoke to three different audiences at the Dylan Wiliam International Conference on Formative Assessment held from April 12 through April 14.  At the conference, Louie and Zavitkovsky discussed evidence from Chicago and elsewhere that suggests that outsourcing large chunks of the formative assessment process to commercial testing organizations undermines effective instruction and reinforces chronic inequities. These insights were shared in a fireside chat with author/researcher Dylan Wiliam and with Learning Sciences International CEO, Michael Toth as well as in a stand-alone presentation called “Getting Smarter about Equity Metrics.”  In addition, Louie was part of a panel discussion called “What Does It Mean for Assessments to be Equitable” that included Tanji Reed Marshall, Director of P-12 Practice at Education Trust, author/educator Jay McTighe, author/educator Ken 0’Connor and Dylan Wiliam.

You can see these discussions at the following links