UIC Developer Dr. Patricia Brekke, principal of Back of the Yards College Prep High School in Chicago, was profiled in the Spring 2023 inaugural edition of Chicago Public Schools’ new magazine titled, School Leader.  The magazine describes Dr. Brekke as a collaborative leader who believes “…strong teacher teams elevate their students and their practice and make her a better leader.”  The magazine opens with a letter from CPS Executive Director of Principal Quality and CUEL Developer, Dr. Allison Tingwall.  She posits the purpose of the magazine as both a collaborative space for school leaders and an opportunity to champion the work of CPS principals and assistant principals.  Both Drs. Brekke and Tingwall received their doctorates from the UIC EdD in Urban Education Leadership program.  “Shout outs” to other UIC EdD graduates include a profile of Dr. Olimpia Bahena (principal of Talcott Fine Arts & Museum Academy), a Q & A with Dr. Jacqueline Menoni (principal of Jose de Diego Community Academy), mentions of CPS Director of School Leader Development, Dr. Tai Basurto, CPS Principal Advisory Council (PAC) members, Dr. Keith Adams and Dr. Homero Penuelas, and comments by Dr. Ali Zimmerman, Dr. Lauren Albani, Dr. Didi Swartz, and Dr. Laverne Wright.