UIC EdD Program coordinator and CUEL Affiliate, Cynthia Barron was instrumental in arranging a presentation on the book, Entry Planning for Equity Focused Leaders: Empowering Schools and Communitiesheld on January 19, 2023 at CPS’ Back-of-the-Yards College Prep in Chicago. The book provides a clear framework and specific strategies for principal entry and sustainable change within schools at points of leadership transition.  The well-received presentation was led by co-authors Jennifer Cheatham, Rodney Thomas, and Adam Parrot-Sheffer, each of whom has a range of urban education leadership experiences that includes Chicago Public Schools. Chicago Public Schools CEO Pedro Martinez gave introductory remarks and UIC Professor Emeritus Steve Tozer facilitated the presentation for the audience of approximately fifty education leaders. Among those educators were current and aspiring leaders in the UIC Superintendent Endorsement program or the UIC EdD principal preparation program. CUEL Developer and Back-of-the-Yards Principal Pattie Brekke arranged the hospitable venue.