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Dr. Cynthia Barron


Dr. Cynthia Barron, Assistant Clinical Faculty, Department of Educational Policy Studies and EdD Program Coordinator; CUEL Affiliate and Developer (Continuous Improvement and Leader Development).  Dr. Barron is a key contributor for a range of CUEL continuous improvement and leader development projects and she has contributed to a broad range of past CUEL development projects. She teaches and coaches in the EdD program in the Department of Educational Policy Studies. In this work she has supported EdD candidates through internships and during their novice years as principals, assistant principals, and principal supervisors as well as through EdD doctoral completion. In addition to the EDPS 559 residency course, she teaches the EDPS 553 course, Leading Urban School Systems, part of the UIC superintendent endorsement strand. Barron has over forty years’ experience in education as a teacher, athletic coach, counselor, assistant principal, truancy and dropout prevention coordinator, principal of two schools, Area Instruction Officer, and Interim Chief Area Officer for High Schools. Dr. Barron earned her doctoral degree from Loyola University.