Please join us on the third part in the WISE Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined convening series, in partnership with Salzburg Global Seminar. Looking forward to discussing the complexities of being a leader and exercising leadership when the answers are not easy.

Much respect to Prin. Thurmond & her team @KingESChicago. Today we saw new & veteran teachers making it work for our babies. What we didn't see in the weeks leading up to today-all the calls, home visits, care packages prepared, etc. But the planning & preparation is apparent. 💪🏾

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About The Center for Urban Education Leadership

We are researchers, developers, and policy advocates with expertise in educational leadership, organizational development, continuous improvement and equity/social justice. We are driven to use our expertise and passion to IMPACT the lives of PK-12 urban students locally and throughout the world. Independently and in collaboration with other research/development organizations, CUEL has secured over 16M to fuel a broad assortment of research and development projects.

Join CUEL’s Remote Networked Learning Community: Leading, Learning, and Innovating to Disrupt Issues of Inequity


During 2020-2021 school year, CUEL is hosting a remote networked learning community for interested principals and assistant principals. Read the details here.

Working for Impact

Research and Evaluation

We investigate both leadership-focused and multi-disciplinary, leadership-inclusive problems to generate critical and relevant knowledge that matters and will impact practice and policy.

Continuous Improvement, Organizational Development

We are sought by both PK-12 districts/schools and higher education institutions to help them strengthen their approaches and cultures for continuous improvement. In this work, we design and provide both in-person and remote learning designs as well as ongoing support and guidance for continuous improvement and organizational development work. Both in-person and remotely, we also consult with and speak to international, national, state, and regional educational organizations, educational philanthropic organizations, universities and school districts about continuous improvement/organizational development. 

Leadership Development

We are hired by international/national educational organizations, state departments of education, regional educational offices, philanthropic organizations, school districts, and community agencies to design and deliver a broad assortment of in-person or remote leadership development experiences that are tailored to the unique needs of each setting.

Dissemination and Policy Advocacy

We actively communicate to practitioners and the policy/political community through policy briefs, webinars, zoom convenings, videos, and podcasts to ensure that the impact of our research and work is extended and expanded.