What We Do

What we do and why

We have known for decades that outstanding principals can have a profound impact on student learning; however, there has been no serious research on the dynamics of principal development over time, or on the research on how those dynamics relate to the impact principals have on student learning at their schools.

UIC is now building the evidence to support a ground-breaking finding:  there is currently no more cost-effective method for improving low-performing urban schools at scale than putting high performing school principals in every school.

The Center's Goals

  • Conducts field-changing research into the measurable impact of new models of school leader preparation on urban school improvement;
  • Researches the role played by high-performing clinical faculty in collaborating with academic faculty in a clinically-intensive, school-based program; and
  • Disseminates the impact findings to develop policy strategies to improve state and national policy and practice in school leadership development;
  • Assists other universities and districts' efforts to improve school leadership preparation, development and performance.