Schools & Principals

Learn more about about the leaders we support and the impact they're having on students, schools and communities.

Last Updated: October 2017

Principals – Elementary Schools

  1. Folasade Adekunle, Sayre Elementary
  2. Michael Abello, Piccolo School of Excellence
  3. Lauran Albani, LaSalle II Magnet School
  4. Olimpia Bahena, Talcott Fine Arts and Museum Academy
  5. Tai Basurto, Dore Elementary
  6. Beth Bazer, LaSalle Language Academy
  7. Michael Beyer, Ogden International School
  8. Lori Bobak, Cap Cana Heritage School (Dominican Republic)
  9. Mitchell Brookins, Renew Culture Arts Academy (New Orleans, LA)
  10. Peggie Burnett-Wise, Morton School of Excellence
  11. Daniela Bylaitis, Inter-American Elementary Magnet School
  12. Margaret Byrne, Northwest Middle School
  13. Maria Campos, Lozano Elementary
  14. Sherly Chavarria, Nixon Elementary
  15. Romian Crockett, Chalmers Elementary
  16. Mary Beth Cunat, Wildwood Elementary
  17. Cherie (Novak) Francis, Central Elementary School (Grand Rapids, MI)
  18. Ari Frede, The Ancona School
  19. Margo Giannoulis, Maercker Middle School (Downers Grove, IL)
  20. LaTarsha Green, Dawes Elementary (Evanston, IL)
  21. Robyn Hawley, Old Orchard Junior High (Skokie, IL)
  22. Matt Heller, Nicolet Elementary (Green Bay, WI)
  23. Guillermo Heredia, Plainfield Elementary (Des Plaines, IL)
  24. Ted Roger Johnson, Volta Elementary
  25. Derrick Kimbrough, Nicholson Elementary
  26. Gail King, Reavis Elementary
  27. Gwyneth Kram, McCutcheon Elementary
  28. Seth Lavin, Brentano Math and Science Academy
  29. Vicki Lee, South Shore Fine Arts Academy
  30. Juan Lira, McKinley Elementary (Elgin, IL)
  31. Laquita Louie, Curtis School of Excellence
  32. Jimmy Lugo, Stowe Elementary
  33. Katherine Magnuson, Skinner North Classical
  34. Estuardo Mazin, Barry Elementary
  35. Aisha McCarthy, Harvard School of Excellence
  36. Maria McManus, STEM Magnet Academy
  37. Jacqueline Medina, Talman Elementary
  38. Jacqueline Menoni, DeDiego Elementary
  39. Nancy Paulette, Calmeca Elementary
  40. Terrycita Perry, Dixon Elementary
  41. Regina Roberts, Sherman Elementary
  42. Linda Sanders, St. Philip Neri
  43. Tara Shelton, South Loop Elementary
  44. Joseph Shoffner, McClellan Elementary
  45. August Smith, Barton Elementary
  46. Karen Valentine, Edison Regional Gifted Center
  47. Michelle Van Allen, Garvey Elementary
  48. Yesenia Vazquez, Washington Dual Language Academy (Maywood, IL)
  49. Amy Vondra, Hamilton Elementary
  50. Sherri Walker, Harold Washington Elementary School
  51. LaMonica Williams, Dett Elementary
  52. Wayne Williams, Oakton Elementary (Evanston, IL)
  53. Christine Zelenka, Murphy Elementary

Principals – High Schools

  1. Nia Abdullah, Proviso West High School
  2. Shanele Andrews, Orr Community Academy
  3. Michael Beyer, Ogden International School
  4. Rodney Bly, Gary Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy (Gary, IN)
  5. Patricia Brekke, Back of the Yards College Prep
  6. Carise Comstock, The Lehigh Valley Charter High School
  7. Dwayne Evans, Thornton Fractional North High School
  8. Kathy Farr, Social Justice High School
  9. Kevin Gallick, Washington High School
  10. Josephine Gomez, St. Augustine Preparatory Academy (Milwaukee, WI)
  11. Leonard Harris, Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative High School
  12. Chala Holland, Lake Forest Academy (Lake Forest, IL)
  13. Larry Irvin, Lincoln High School (Denver, CO)
  14. Paul Karafiol, Lake View High School
  15. Daniel Kramer, Roosevelt High School
  16. Laura LeMone, Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center
  17. Patrick McGill, Westinghouse College Prep
  18. David Narain, Martin Luther King, Jr. College Pep
  19. Jullanar Naselli, Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine
  20. Jason Nault, J.P. Taravella High School (Broward County, FL)
  21. Christopher Pawelczyk, Zion-Benton Township High School (Zion, IL)
  22. Anthony Rodgriguez, Schurz High School
  23. Allison Tingwall, Curie Metro High School

Assistant Principals – Elementary Schools

  1. Kristin Blathras, Hearst Elementary
  2. Meghan Brewer, Hamilton Elementary
  3. Kimberly Collier, Nicholson Elementary
  4. William Daniels, Tarkington Elementary
  5. Patricia Davlantes, South Loop Elementary
  6. Steve Fisher, Casals School of Excellence
  7. Jennifer Foss, Kilmer Elementary
  8. Gregory Hanson, Old Orchard Junior High (Skokie, IL)
  9. Amber Henderson, Harold Washington Elementary School
  10. Susan Kolian, Washington Elementary (Evanston)
  11. Cortez McCoy, Brooks Elementary
  12. Ryan Peet, Hernandez Elementary
  13. Verona Portis, Wentworth Elementary
  14. Heather Pusatcioglu, Piccolo School of Excellence
  15. Andrew Rhodes, South Loop Elementary
  16. Paul Riskus, Walt Disney Magnet School 
  17. Alma (Betsy) Santana, Inter-American Magnet School
  18. Rebeca Shick, Murphy Elementary
  19. Julie Singler, Curtis School of Excellence
  20. Sharon Sprague, Marquette Elementary
  21. Tina Walker, Bradwell School of Excellence
  22. Laverne Wright, Beethoven Elementary
  23. Laura Zaniolo, Portage Park Elementary

Assistant Principals – High Schools

  1. Keith Adams, Benito Juarez Community Academy
  2. Nicholas Aquino, Benito Juarez Community Academy
  3. Stacie Chana, Ogden International School
  4. Eric Fay, Jones College Preparatory Academy
  5. Tyrese Graham, Lake View High School
  6. Grace Moody, Alcott College Preparatory High School
  7. Sussan Oladipo, Curie Metro High School
  8. Shannon Puckett, Von Steuben Metropolitan High School
  9. Brad Rossi, Roberto Clemente High School
  10. Eric Steinmiller, Roosevelt High School
  11. Joshua VanderJagt, Hyde Park High School

System & Higher Education Administrators and Other Education Professionals

  1. Lionel Allen, Chief Academic Officer, Urban Prep Academies
  2. Marlene Aponte, Director of Coaching, AUSL
  3. Monique Auxila, Network 4 Representative, Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services, CPS
  4. Patrick Baccellieri, Regional Director, Archdiocese of Chicago
  5. Stacy Beardsley, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Evanston/Skokie District 65
  6. John Boggs, Division Coordinator - English, Reading, and ELL, Bloom Township District 206
  7. Keisha Campbell, Director of Student Achievement, AUSL
  8. Lori Coomes, Coordinator of Student Services, West Chicago District 33
  9. Bridget De La Peña, Regional Director, Archdiocese of Chicago
  10. Karen Ekpenyong Shiflett, Manager of Program Evaluation, Changing Worlds
  11. Steve Flisk, Assistant Superintendent, Osseo Area Schools, Maple Grove, MN
  12. Frank Gettridge, Program Officer, Kellogg Foundation
  13. Michael Heidkamp, Director of Curriculum, Cristo Rey Network
  14. Angela Higginbotham, Central Office, CPS
  15. Nicole Howard, Assistant Superintendent, Proviso, District 209
  16. Janice Jackson, Chief Education Officer, Chicago Public Schools
  17. Andalib Khelghati, Assistant Superintendent for Schools, Evanston/Skokie School District 65
  18. Makita Kheperu, Director of Education, Betty Shabazz International Charter School
  19. Jennifer Kirmes, CEO & Principal, Amandla Charter School
  20. Peggy Korellis, Interim Vice President, Truman College
  21. Amy Kotz, Instructional Support Leader, CPS
  22. Michael Lach, Director of STEM Education, CEMSE - University of Chicago
  23. Sherisse Lucas, Instructional Support Leader, Network 11, CPS
  24. Charles Malek, Administrator, CPS Specialized Services Administrator
  25. Stephen McClain, Chief of Staff, Chicago International Charter School
  26. Martin McGreal, Regional Supervisor, Pathways in Education
  27. Susan Mekarski, District and School Effectiveness Specialist, State of Oregon
  28. Melissa Mister, Chief Program Officer, After School Matters
  29. Ernesto Matias, Chief of Office of Language and Cultural Education, CPS
  30. Christina Menendez, Manager of Continuing Education, Florida International University
  31. Warren Morgan, Executive Director, Teach for America - St. Louis
  32. Ethan Netterstrom, Director of Advanced Learning, Madison Metropolitan School District (Wisconsin)
  33. Nathan Pietrini, Executive Director, High Jump
  34. Amy Rome, Vice President of Program Design, Leading Educators
  35. Dixie Rouleau, Program Associate, UIC Learning Sciences Research Institute
  36. Trisha Shrode, Director of Curriculum, District U46
  37. Victor Simon III, Superintendent, District 62
  38. Marcey Sorensen, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Madison Metropolitan School District (WI)
  39. Mary Jo Tavormina, Director, UIC Learning Sciences Research Institute
  40. Stephen Todd, Administrator, Perspectives Charter School
  41. Angel Turner, Director of Student Achievement, AUSL