Lisa J. Walker

Senior Research Specialist

Lisa Walker has been with the Center for Urban Education Leadership since 2014 where she:

  • helps develop UIC’s program to train school leaders for the Chicago Public Schools,
  • contributes knowledge to the field of leadership development for dissemination nationwide, and
  • collaborates with colleagues to apply promising ideas of Improvement Science and Networked Improvement Communities to leadership development challenges in the urban context.

Specific projects include:

  • Leading the redesign of the candidate selection process for the EdD Program in Urban Education Leadership to support equity and produce strong baseline data;
  • Developing a method to identify high-need schools through indicators other than low-income and minority status to better understand leadership challenges and implications for training;
  • Collaborating with EdD Program leadership coaches to improve how they support Interpersonal-Cognitive-Intrapersonal (I-C-I) learning during the internship phase of the EdD Program.

Before coming to UIC, Lisa was a senior researcher at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago where she evaluated school-based programs to develop students’ social-emotional skills. After receiving her PhD in Learning Sciences in 2004, she was an associate researcher on a collaborative technology design and development project at the Center for Urban School Improvement to improve decision-making and adult learning in urban schools.