Jason Swanson

Research Specialist

Jason A. Swanson is a Research Specialist in the Center for Urban Education Leadership, University of Illinois at Chicago, where his expertise in leadership for social justice and dialogue supports the development of programming and research in urban school leadership preparation.  At the Center for Urban Education Leadership, his primarily responsibilities include: developing research project goals and objectives along with the design and data collection methods, developing reviews of literature and evaluating current research developments and opportunities to determine their potential applicability to research priorities, and collaborating in the writing of grant proposals.   Prior to his work at the Center, Swanson received his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he received two prestigious national awards for his scholarship.  His dissertation titled, “Transformative Dialogue: The Role of the Principal in Raising Issues of Difference” won the 2014 Dissertation Award from the American Educational Research Association.  In 2013, Dr. Swanson was the recipient of the David L. Clark scholar award for emerging educational administration and policy scholars from the University Council for Educational Administration.  With A. Welton, (forthcoming), Swanson is exploring the role of the principal in leading race conscious conversations to promote a more democratic and empowering space for youth to raise test scores, improve dropout and graduation rates for traditionally marginalized students.

Selected recent publications:

Swanson, J., Hebert, M., Tozer, S., Walker, L., & Whalen, S. (accepted). Providing more equitable outcomes for the traditionally marginalized students of Chicago.  In Stead, V. (Ed). Ed.D. programs as incubators of social justice leadership. Boston, MA: Sense Publishers.  

Swanson, J. & Welton, A. (in press). Countering hegemony with social justice leadership.  In Thompson, S. (Ed). The Encyclopedia of Diversity and Social Justice. Washington, DC: Rowan and Littlefield

Amalia, Y. S., Johnson Mardones, D., Johnston-Parsons, M., Shen, W., Shin, Y, S. & Swanson, J. (in press). Dialogue in narrative inquiry. In P. Smeyers, D. Bridges, N. Burbules, & M. Griffiths, (Eds). International handbook of interpretation in educational research methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.