David Mayrowetz

Educational Policy Studies Faculty Affiliate

David Mayrowetz studies the ways in which organizational and institutional factors influence the creation and implementation of educational reforms. His work has been published in Educational Policy, Leadership and Policy in Schools,Educational Administration Quarterly, Teachers College Record and Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. He teaches courses regularly on educational policy, education and the law, case study research methods, instructional leadership, and special education policy. 


2002 - EdD, Rutgers University, Educational Administration, Theory & Policy
1998 - MS, Rutgers University, Public Policy
1992 - BA, University of Pennsylvania, History

Research & Teaching Interests

Mayrowetz studies the ways in which organizational and institutional factors influence the creation and implementation of educational reforms. While the reforms that he explores are varied, ranging from attempts to change mathematics instruction to the development of "distributed leadership" in schools, to the placement of students with special needs in general education classrooms, one of the recurring motifs in his work is the effects that changes in general education have for special education students and programs and vice versa.

Mayrowetz regularly teaches courses on educational policy and education and the law. While at UIC, he also has taught classes on case study research, instructional reform, the foundations of educational administration, and decision making for school leaders.

Selected Publications

Mayrowetz, D. (2009). Instructional practice in the context of converging policies: Teaching elementary-level mathematics to students in an inclusive and tested grade. Educational Policy, 23(4), 554-588. 

Murphy, J., Smylie, M, Mayrowetz, D. Louis, K.S., (2009). The role of the principal in fostering the development of distributed leadership. School Leadership and Management, 29(2), 181-214. 

Mayrowetz, D. (2008). Making sense of distributed leadership: Exploring the multiple usages of the concept in the field. Educational Administration Quarterly, 44(3), 424-435. 

Mayrowetz, D. & Lapham, J. F. (2008). But were in a court of law. Were not in a legislature. The Corey H. court trapped in an identity crisis between adjudicator and policymaker. Educational Policy, 22(3), 379-421. 

Smylie, M. A., Mayrowetz, D., Murphy, J. & Louis, K. S. (2007). Trust and the development of distributed leadership. Journal of School Leadership, 17(4), 469-503.

Mayrowetz, D., Murphy, J., Louis, K. S. & Smylie, M. A. (2007). Distributed leadership as work redesign: Retrofitting the job characteristics model. Leadership and Policy in Schools, 6(1), 69-101. 

Honors & Awards

2006 - UIC Great Cities Faculty Scholar

2006 - Paula Silver Award for most outstanding case in 8th volume of the Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, University Council for Educational Administration

2005 - UIC Teaching Recognition Program Award