Daniel Maggin

Special Education Faculty Affiliate


PhD. Vanderbilt University

MA. Bank Street College of Education

BA. Lafayette College

Research & Teaching Interests

Dr. Maggin's research focuses on developing the capacity of school personnel to meet the academic and behavioral needs of students with emotional and behavioral disorders through the use of comprehensive and evidence-based assessments and interventions. These areas include the use of various research synthesis methods to help with the identification of effective, school-based instructional and management practices; the training of school personnel to use a continuum of empirically supported assessment and intervention methods to develop individualized educational programs for students with disabilities; and the development and application of methods for promoting the use of research and evidence in schools to assist school personnel better support the individualized needs of students with disabilities.

Current Projects

Preparing Leaders in Urban Special Education (PLUS). The purpose of this project is to prepare three cohorts of special education master’s students to become school leaders with expertise in the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective inclusive programs for students with disabilities. PLUS scholars will participate in an interdisciplinary program that will include coursework in special education and educational leadership. Graduates will acquire the skills to become school leaders who are able to support the instructional needs of students with disabilities within the broader school context. Funded through the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), the project will run from 2015 - 2020 and has a total operating budget of $1,241,456. Dr. Maggin is the co-principal investigator with Dr. Marie Tejero Hughes of the UIC Department of Special Education.

National Center for Leadership in Intensive Interventions (NCLII). The NCLII is a consortium of seven universities that will train a total of 28 doctoral students to conduct research and prepare a new generation of special education teachers in the area of intensive interventions for students with disabilities. The lead insitution is Vanderbilt University with other member institutions including Southern Methodoist University, University of Connecticut, University of Minnesota, University of Texas-Austin, and Virginia Commonwealth in addition to UIC. Funded through the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), the project will run from 2015 - 2019 with the UIC subcontract totaling $849,000. Dr. Maggin is the UIC co-principal investigator with Dr. Marie Hughes of the UIC Department of Special Education.

Preparing Urban Leaders in Secondary Special Education (PULSSE). The purpose of this project is to prepare five cohorts of special education master’s students to become school leaders with expertise in the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective and inclusive programs for students with severe disabilities in secondary settings. PULSSE scholars participate in a rigorous series of courses focused on issues related to effective and inclusive programming for students with severe disabilites and methods for preparing the students with severe disabilities to experience succesfful post school transitions. Funded through through the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), the project will run from 2013 - 2019 with a total operating budget of $1,232,892. Dr. Maggin is a co-investigator and works alongside the principal investigator Dr. Lisa Cushing and co-investigator Michelle Parker-Katz of the UIC Department of Special Education.

Selected Publications
Last Three Years

Maggin, D. M., & Johnson, A. H. (2015). A systematic investigation of core implementation components for a research-based anxiety prevention program. Preventing School Failure, 59, 73-82.

Fallon, L. M., Collier-Meek, M., Maggin, D. M., Sanetti, L. M., & Johnson, A. H. (2015). Performance feedback as an evidence-based practice. Exceptional Children, 81, 227-246.

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Kilgus, S. P., Methe, S. A., Maggin, D. M., & Tomasula, J. L. (2014). Curriculum-based measurement of oral reading (R-CBM): A diagnostic test accuracy meta-analysis of evidence supporting use in universal screening. Journal of School Psychology, 52, 377-405.

Collier-Meek, M. A., Fallon, L. M., Sanetti, L. M. H., & Maggin, D. M. (2013). Focus on implementation: Strategies for problem-solving teams to assess and promote treatment fidelity. Teaching Exceptional Children, 45, 52-59.

Maggin, D. M., Chafouleas, S. M., Berggren, M., & Sugai, G. (2013). A systematic appraisal of peer review guidelines in special education journals. Exceptionality, 21, 87-102.

Maggin, D. M., Briesch, A. M., & Chafouleas, S. M. (2013). An application of the What Works Clearinghouse standards for evaluating single-subject research: synthesis of the self-management literature-base. Remedial and Special Education, 34, 44-58.

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Wehby, J. H., Maggin, D. M., Moore Partin, T. C., & Robertson, R. (2012). The Impact of working alliance, social validity, and teacher burnout on implementation fidelity of the Good Behavior Game. School Mental Health, 4, 22-33.

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Behavioral Disorders (Associate Editor)

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions (Associate Editor)

Remedial and Special Education (Associate Editor)

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