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Archive of 2017

How Effective Is Your School District? A New Measure Shows Where Students Learn the Most

Posted: 05 December 2017

The New York Times focuses it's story on research done by Stanford researcher Sean Reardon on the incredible growth that CPS students have done from 3rd grade to 8th grade.

Rankings Rise in US News and World Report

Posted: 27 March 2017

The UIC College of Education's Department of Educational Policy Studies rose to the top 15 in the US News and World Report rankings, based on the strength of the College's principal preparation program and research center.

Tozer in Ed Week on Capacity for Principal Prep

Posted: 07 February 2017

Steve Tozer, director of the Center for Urban Education Leadership, was featured in Education Week analyzing higher education's capacity to produce principals that transform urban schools.

Caring for Social-Emotional Health

Posted: 24 January 2017

At a panel discussion on teacher leadership, principal Joe Shoffner, EdD Urban Education Leadership '16, describes strategies for crafting a school environment that cares for the whole student.

Curriculum for the Whole Student

Posted: 12 January 2017

Principal Allison Tingwall seeks educational experiences at Curie High School that foster a multitude of career paths for students, in particular within creative arts.